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Jan 6, 2011

Arrrggghhh's and Ooooooooo's

Posted by Jan on Thursday, January 06, 2011 with 1 comment
Okay, I have used my blog to rave about various things I own and use. For instance,  I love my Trek 1.2 WSD (aka "Frequent Flyer"). I love my Mizuno Wave Riders. I loved P90X when I had the time.

Other things I love? All my iPods! I don't know what I would do without my music. I love the Mizuno Maverick Split shorts that I run in. I love the Pearl Izumis shorts that bike in.

But here is my rant: I hate the Sportline Solo 915 Heart Rate watch I have. I bought this to monitor my heart rate and calories burned.

The description: Women's heart rate watch with Any-Touch technology responds to a single touch anywhere on the stainless-steel case. Delivers accurate ECG heart readings in mere seconds.

Mere BS. It just does not work. If you are chugging along running, it takes at least 7-10 seconds of your finger on the steel case to get a heart rate. That's not totally easy to do because you have to watch the small watch face to make sure that it picked up the heart rate. 9 times out of 10, it doesn't hold the heart rate and just resets. After a workout, most of the time, it registers that I have burned 85-110 calories after a full hour on the treadmill. Again, BS! Tonight it went haywire and the calorie count was just cycling from 0 - 90.

Time for the garbage can. Kind of pissed that I spent $60 just 6 months ago on it. Buyer beware.

So because I have been battling this watch, I have been looking for a replacement. The GPS ones are totally cool (I am a geek, what can I say). The Garmin 405CX is on my wishlist. It does a lot of sporty, geeky things! Everything is wireless from what I understand. Using their ANT+ technology you can wirelessly send workout results to your computer. You can share workouts with other 405 users. It has a heart rate monitor and calorie counter. And it also has an optional cadence counter for the cyclist in me and a foot pod monitor for those times on the treadmill or when GPS is unavailable. Nice!

But of course, I have a dilemma. Nike.

Nike just announced that they teamed up with TomTom and are coming out with their GPS enabled watch in April. And it's way up there on the way cool looking scale

Darn. I might just fall for this one. I especially like the easy to read watch face. I already have a Nike+ account. I have two foot pods.

And I am gonna admit to something totally dumb, but what can I say, it's who I am: I love neon colors (especially lime).  How much do I love the neon colors? I still remember my beloved Nike Air Pegasus running shoes from 23 years ago... mainly because of the neon green swoosh. I felt fast in 'em (I actually was back then evidenced by me placing in some of the local races!)

Anyway, we'll see. I have heard the price will be between $199 and $299. The Garmin 405CX is about $350, so the Nike is looking pretty good right now.

I am such a geek!

Aug 10, 2010

Much better

Posted by Jan on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 with No comments
Jumped on treadmill tonight for a 5 miler. Yes, much better. Good times, good form, good attitude.

I am finally dealing with the fact that the Trek is only going to be able to be taken out on the weekends. It's getting to be too dark by 7:30 pm to be doing the bike trail. But, maybe it's just as well so I can get used to running more than two times a week.

Not too sure what hit me over the last 4 days, but I am glad it's over.  PMS (yes, it's official, it's back) and I was not feeling well stomach-wise Thursday night. But it was more my attitude and that's what bothered me. Sometimes the mind needs a break more than the body. I have been going full tilt since May and the stress from work is starting to build.

But maybe I just needed a bit of a pep talk last night. Thanks for righting the ship, LW. Much better on all accounts. 

It's all good. I am my own warrior!

Aug 3, 2010

Something new and things that go thump

Posted by Jan on Tuesday, August 03, 2010 with 1 comment
Last night I decided to get on the treadmill instead of the Trek. Not a bad workout at all. No records or anything, but something totally new to me and that was HIIT. I felt as though I kicked ass! Yeah, I am a little sore this morning, but it's that "good sore", you know?

So I need to do more research on how to do interval training properly. Time between bursts, how fast, how slow. I just went with what felt good -- hitting that edge without killing myself. I was doing a 7:30 pace for about 1.5 minutes and then drop it down to a 10:00 pace for 2 or 3 minutes to regain my breath and then back to the 7:30 pace. Funny thing is, I felt great even after 40 minutes of doing this.

My usual right hammie is hurting a bit this morning. So much so, that I took a bad spill coming up the stairs from the subway platform. Even though I smashed my forearm, I was more worried about the sickening thud I heard when my purse carrying my iPad hit the concrete stair. The iPad came thru with no bruises. I wish I could say the same about myself.

Jul 31, 2010

Progress and Miracles

Posted by Jan on Saturday, July 31, 2010 with 1 comment
I had a surprisingly good workout on the Trek this morning. But I almost talked myself out of finishing the ride. One excuse: it was cold. That was kind of a shock to my system considering the Boston area has had 3 record breaking heat waves just in the last 30 days. So when it's 60 degrees out and you forget all about the phenomenon called windchill on a bike, it's definitely gonna be an excuse. At least for this lover of heat! The next excuse: I forgot to eat some good carbos like a banana. Yeah, that one is a better excuse. But I toughed it out.

I was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed my times. I thought I was way off, but I was only off by .02 MPH from two nights ago, a supposedly great ride.

Which leads me to this thought. Amanda over at Run to the Finish asked yesterday if running ever gets any easier. Of course, she is focused on running and many people did say that it does get easier (including myself, but I was referring to my training, etc). I thought I had a mediocre ride this morning. But it's my average times that have gotten better. My "norm" has improved. So what may have seemed hard a few weeks ago is now my average -- all because things have gotten easier. I have continued to push myself a little harder, I have a little less weight to tug around, I have smartened up on how I ride, I have added couple more weeks of not smoking. All these things add up to make the next ride easier and the opportunity to step it up a notch without killing myself. This is progress and it is getting easier.

Speaking of progress, here's a nugget. At about mile 9 this morning, my stomach was really pissed off. Very unhappy with me for forgetting to fuel up. Of course I needed something to focus on to get me through the last 5 miles. My craving? A large banana, strawberry and blueberry protein shake. Not a stack of maple syrup drenched pancakes, or a juicy burger or a large order of nachos dripping in cheese. None of that. Just a protein packed shake.

Maybe that's not progress for me because it really seems more like a miracle!

Peace out from the Mill City!

Jul 23, 2010

Woot!! It's Friday!

Posted by Jan on Friday, July 23, 2010 with 1 comment
Slow to get out of bed this morning. Fridays are my designated "day off", so it starts first thing with the treat of "sleeping in" until 4:30 or so. But yowza! My right hammie is killing me. Even though I spent a considerabe amount of time stretching it out before and after the treadmill bout last night, it didn't help much. But I am not nearly as sore as last week. Gotta take progress in small steps. It'll pay off in the end (what end?)

This weekend is the Lowell Folk Festival, one of the largest, free, folk festivals in the nation. Fortunately, for me, I live right downtown, so I don't need to worry about parking, etc. I will be out there, camera in hand, catching all the festivities. I haven't picked up my camera in some time, so it will be good to pay a visit to the other part of me. I have kind of missed her.

One of the dilemmas I face is the the street closings, etc. So I have decided that I need to get out very early (like 6:00 am early) to get a ride in on the Trek. We will see how that goes! I was thinking that I could hit the treadmill instead, but judging at my slow walking pace, the treadmill is probably out of the question.

Fridays GURU

Lowell Folk Festival

Tarma Designs

Fat Free Vegan

Peace out from the Mill City

Jul 11, 2010

Just another day

Posted by Jan on Sunday, July 11, 2010 with No comments
I took my beloved Trek 1.2 WSD road bike to the shop on Friday to get it tuned up. I have probably ridden a least 400 miles on it since I got it at the end of May.

Excited to ride it with it all tweaked, I took it out for a 14 mile spin yesterday and another 14 miler this morning. Pretty happy with my effort. I have noticed that my average speeds are increasing and I know it's because of 1) P90X and 2) I quit smoking a couple of months ago.

I am fortunate to have a brand new Rails to Trails bike path about 3 miles from me. Since the roads are suicidal crazy where I live, I have never considered riding to the bike path. I just throw the bike in the BAT (big a$$ truck) and safely arrive at the bike path.

The path is beautiful. A thick, heavy, green canopy of trees keeps the riding cool. I have seen deer, raccoons, crazy chipmunks, pesky squirrels and one horse. I have a total of 24 0r 26 road crossings in that 14 mile trip, so I am learning the perils of not being able to get out of clipless pedals quick enough. Only one tip over resulting in blood and an interesting scar design on my leg!

I will say though, about 5.5 miles south into the ride, there has got to be something very dead on the side of the path. I haven't had the guts to look. The last time I smelled something that raunchy was about 30 years ago and it involved a corpse. Obviously, it wasn't a good ending.