In July of 2010 I started this blog so that friends and family could keep up with me. I had a lot of things going on that I wanted to share but I really needed some space to take care of myself. A friend of mine described the time period as a 4 or 5 life event "pile-up" and I always loved the humorous but truthful description of my experience. Many women experience it. A lot of emotional carnage. 
But what did emerge was a lot of discovery. When I named this blog I was fighting for me, my health, my desire to have a better life and surround myself eventually with better and healthier influences, whether it be events, habits or people. Hence the word "warrior". "Be Your Own Warrior" meant that no one else can take better care of you than yourself. Be your own cheerleader, be your own friend, be your own thinker, be your own inspiration, be your own dreamer. You get the idea.
Like I said, when I named this blog I was "fighting". There were things, some deep-seated belief systems that needed to be rocked from my foundation. And a lot of that has occurred in the last 9 months. One improvement has led to another, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or all three at once. I am still work in progress, but it is progress nonetheless. 
So this week, I changed the blog name to "Be Your Own Warrior (or Whatever)". The most important thing I want to convey is the blog description of "Just be your own..."  Be yourself, be whoever you want to be, but be your own. Don't be the copy cat. Don't be the voiceless. Don't be what your "friends" or family think you should be or want you to be. Don't be anything less than what you can be. Be the dragon of your lair. Be the hero of your dreams. Be the explorer of your worlds. Be the queen of your fairytale or king of your domain. Be happy by being a genuine and a "one of a kind" you. 
Just be your own.