Jul 15, 2011

"Ham-a" Time - Inaugural BAA 10K - Race Report

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Here is my race report for the BAA 10K held on June 26th in Boston.

I will be honest, I didn't want to run this. I had signed up for it on May 4 with all the right intentions. But as the month of May progressed, my left shin was getting worse in the pain category. May 25th was the last day a ran a single mile. That made the 10K the first time I would run in 30+ days. During that 30 day span, I did continue to ride the bike for endurance, but obviously there is a difference.

Dailey Miler Michelle V.
But since I had paid $55 for the race registration and I needed to do it. I think also, the reason I tried to talk myself out of it was because it was my first 10K ever. And I had some butterflies and fear of failure for the longer than normal distance.

So I was up at 4:30, out the door at 6:00 and on the Boston Common at 7:15.

While waiting with 4000 other runners on the Common, I just happened to look up and there was my fellow DailyMiler friend, Michelle V, walking right by me. The first and last time I saw her was the first week of March at the Lowell 5 miler. So it was a pleasant surprise. Because the odds of running into someone I knew were so slim, I knew it was meant to be.

Thumbs up for the finish line!
Michelle and I decided to run together since we had very close mile paces. This was the first time I have run a single mile with anyone, including non-race miles. And it was quite nice actually despite the 95% humidity and a right leg that was letting me know that the bone bruise injury I suffered from 4 weeks prior was not quite healed.

The miles did go by quickly. Water stops at each mile. I would grab a water to drink and one to splash over me. Cheering spectators lined the entire race route which was exceptionally nice too.

Ham-a time
I was a total ham for the finish line camera. And I didn't care. I have learned that each race I have done this year (this was #8) there has been an absolute special meaning for me. This one was a distance challenge. Not the greatest time, but I did it. I got it done.

The BAA had a great after run spread with fresh fruit, granola, bagels, water and power drinks. There was also a band and plenty of vendors. Unfortunately, I couldn't partake in the festivities because I had to race back to Lowell to get my artwork out of the gallery. But I did manage to grab a lot of the food items and a couple of waters for the ride home.

All in all, I am glad I ran this and I am especially glad I got to run it with a friend. Thanks Michelle!

Bling, bling


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