May 28, 2011

Ping ponging thoughts

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Todays workout entailed a 14 mile ride on the bike. The weather was gorgeous and the ride went so fast because I was thinking of my blog entry for today. My thighs hurt because I have been pushing the resistance training a bit. But it's one of those "feel good" hurts.

Anyway, I was thinking that my approach for the blog entry was gonna be tough. So I decided not to try and figure out how to word anything. I am just gonna throw it all out there because, well, it's all over the place. Lot's of little things that really don't have much to do with workouts, but all to do with a day in the life of Jan.

So to start off, I received an email that 3 out 5 pieces of my photography work were accepted to be displayed in a month long showing at the ALL Art Gallery here in the city. I am thrilled. I really didn't put much thought into what I should submit. I just went with some of the ones I really liked.

I updated my photography website this morning and actually had to start removing photos! I just have so many (over 250) that I really like. But after 5 years, I am not surprised that I have so many. So out with the older and in with the newer.

Like I said, I did a 14 mile ride on the bike trail. And saw my first bike accident. I didn't see it happen, but I saw the result: cop cars, fire trucks and ambulances. The guy was moving, he was wearing a helmet but it looked like his shoulder or arm was badly injured. I have been waiting for this. After nearly 800 miles on that trail, I am surprised I haven''t seen it earlier and I am glad that I haven't personally experienced it. I have come very close though. May the poor guy have good meds and a speedy recovery!

I heard yesterday that Christopher Meloni is leaving Law and Order: SVU. Kind of bummed because I really like him, but I realized something. I think Paul Michael Glaser and Christopher Meloni were separated at birth (never mind that there are a couple of decades between them too). Just sayin'....

I went to see Bridesmaids this afternoon. It was pretty funny. One scene in it I know would make SUAR at Shut Up and Run roar with laughter. If you follow her blog and see the movie, then you know which scene it is! I will probably go see Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow because I absolutely love "Jack Sparrow".

Somebody hit my vehicle with a rock or something. I saw it just before I got on my bike this afternoon, so I had a little bit of a bent attitude riding. I hate it when somebody feels that it's okay to ruin someone else's property. I know it probably happened in the Hannafords parking lot. At least I wasn't in this parking lot... and if I was, I would never admit it.

And to top off my day, I dropped a toolbox on my ankle. Nice big egg. You know the ones: swells up, no color yet... the awful colors will show up in a day or so. Yup, it friggin' hurt.

I promised you that this would be all over the place. At least I didn't let ya down.

Have a great holiday weekend.



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