Apr 22, 2011


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I want to run. But today is my "day off". I almost set the bike up on the trainer, but I forced myself to honor the "day off" (though I did the usual walking commute and weight training at lunch).

I sometimes wonder when I am gonna start treating the "day off" day as part of the training plan. That it can be approached and treated in the same manner as a run day or a bike day. I find it so weird that I have a much, much harder time forcing myself to take the day off than to get on the treadmill or the bike. When I don't want to work out, I do and when I need to take a day off, I really want to work out. It's all topsy-turvey.

So I have been doing some research because I am in pain. The piriformis is almost non existent. That really was uncomfortable and I am glad I am 90% healed from that. I truly believe that was caused by my heavy snow boots that I was walking 2.5 miles or more a day in. I haven't worn them in about 4 weeks. I still have a left shin problem, but it's not nearly as bad as it was 5 or 6 weeks ago. The bike trainer has helped tremendously. The latest strange pain is the anterior part of my knees. When I am kneeling on the ground to pump up my bicycle tires or my knee folds under me when I am crawling into bed, I get an extremely painful burning sensation in my knee. Doesn't matter how hard or soft the surface is. Both knees are doing it. This just started about 6-7 weeks ago.

The good news is that I am not alone. I have read quite a few posts on various medical forums about people with the exact same issue, and the pain comes about in the same fashion for them. The bad news? No one really knows what it is. "Something" is inflamed. Young and old. Male and female. Runners, walkers, cyclists.

But I did read one thing today and someone mentioned after seeing their doctor, they found out it was caused by their shoes. I believe that I may have the exact same problem. The Mizunos may have been causing a lot more issues than I realized.

Which leads me back to the first sentence in my post: I want to run. I want to put the new Brooks to the test. I only have 3 miles on them. I want more.

I need to honor myself and my body and give it the break it deserves.

But I can let my mood be cranky. Pass the chocolate, please....


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