Apr 17, 2011

BAA 5K Race Recap

Posted by Jan on Sunday, April 17, 2011 with 10 comments
I will be honest, looking out my window at 4:30 AM I did not want to do this race. I just wanted to crawl back into bed. It was a monsoon outside. My windows were rattling. All I could see was sheets of rain. Side ways.

But I looked at the radar and it looked like it might skirt Boston at the race start time. It was gonna be close. I ventured on.

Got that cup of coffee in me, a light snack to keep me satisfied until about 1/2 an hour before race time and I was out the door by 6:00.

I decided to drive to the Wellington MBTA Station in Medford. Since there was no advertised bag drop at the race start, I could at least go back to Wellington and change clothes and then return for the Expo after the race.

I got into town as close to race start time as possible because it was incredibly miserable out. The wind was howling and it was still raining. The last thing I needed was to get colder. Of course, my mind had to remind me where I was just 1 week before...

At the starting line, I chatted with a guy from Toronto, who just 3 weeks prior had been in Cuba for a marathon and a woman from Delaware who was doing the 5K while her husband was going to do the marathon. We were talking about the incredibly unpredictable weather in Boston. But we all agreed that the forecast for the marathon favored the runners tomorrow.

The race officials finally managed to get 4200 runners shoved off the starting line. I really love Boston and it was neat to be running in the streets when in the past I have been relegated to the sidewalks! I tried my best to stay out of the puddles, but wouldn't you know it, I stepped in a big one, which soaked my foot and the splash over caught my other foot. Figures...

I will say this, I have never seen so much pushing and shoving going on like I did with this race. Even after a mile people were still out for themselves. It wasn't anything I experienced personally, I always try to stay to the right unless passing (what a concept). But I witnessed some mean spiritedness out there. By mile 2, things thinned out a bit and I could finally take it up a few notches in speed.

I finished just 9 seconds short of another PR, which, once again surprised me. Yesterday, I finally met in person, Terri, a wonderful fellow blogger and we went to lunch/dinner together. She asked me what my goal pace was. And I couldn't really give an answer because I really don't think of a pace when I am doing races. It's not a goal of mine. I just go out there to enjoy the energy and feel good about the fact that I am still committed to my overall health. If I get faster so be it. Well, that is what has happened lately. I haven't tried to get faster. It just happened. One of these days I will remind myself to try and pick up the pace earlier to see if I can get that sub 30.

The highlight, hands down, was crossing the Boston Marathon Finish Line. It was an awesome feeling. I could hear the cheering and see all the cameras. It felt kind of cool and almost fantasy like. I am hoping they will have pictures available. I would have no problem purchasing them if they were good. I was rather animated at the finish line!

In a big smelly, soggy tent, we collected our finishers medal, and took advantage of the great snacks and water offerings. I look forward to doing this again next year.

And the sun finally emerged...


  1. Great job on your race! I didn't even know it had rained since we weren't up before 9 AM this morning!! Whoopps! That's what weekends are for, right?

  2. Congrats on your race! The start sounds awful, but the finish fantastic! I guess it's better than the other way around :)

  3. @Briana Hahaha! It's Sunday, you should sleep in! I know there is no way you will miss the festivities on Marathon Monday!

  4. @Pam You are absolutely right! The finish was extremely appropriate!

  5. I need to do this next year!!! that sounds awesome.

  6. Christi, Victoria and Meg. Thanks! It was awesome! I am waiting for the 5k photos. Like I said, I was pretty animated!

  7. I did this race too. It was a blast! So many people though. Nice job on your PR.

  8. @ ajh It was fun for me to be running through the streets of Beantown! I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I do agree...so many people! Looking forward to the photos!