Mar 20, 2011

Out with the old

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I got another hour on the bike trainer completed this morning. The trainer work out is a lot harder than running. Or at least my soaking wet work out clothes is indicating that. It feels really good!

So my intention is to build up endurance. It certainly can't hurt when my overall goal is to get a 1/2 marathon completed this year. I also like the exercise variation (helps with the ADHD). The good news is that apart from smacking my shin on the bike pedal yesterday, I am not in any pain whatsoever today. I am hoping that 3 weeks of this will certainly help the shin. As you can see in the pic on the right, the sweat level is totally different than the sweat level from running. Not sure why that is. But perhaps this will knock me off the weight loss plateau that I have been on for months now.

For at least 5 months I have been hovering at the same weight. Most of the time, it doesn't bother me. I am happy that I have lost as much as I have and have maintained that loss relatively easily. But every once in a while I just don't get what my body is doing. I have to remind myself that things are shifting, and that I am losing weight, just really, really slowly now. So I am convinced that it is fat that I am losing. It's slow, but it is happening.

To assist in the proof of fat loss and throwing out the welcome mat to spring, I did some spring cleaning. I changed out the winter bedspread for the summery one, that sort of thing. Ah, the nice afternoon sun is finally lighting up my apartment!

Onto my proof of fat loss: I decided to clean out my walk-in closet. I tackled the obvious and that was all the clothes that I knew were just too big for me now. I have been hanging on to these clothes "just in case". Just in case I had a relapse, like I have had so many times before. Just in case I went on a 60 day binge of eating only chocolate. Just in case I woke up one day and decided that I am only going to eat at McDonalds for the rest of my life (just shoot me). Just in case menopause really kicks my ass...harder and crueler than it already has.

Just in case I let myself down again.

Well, I have decided that that isn't going to happen. Not just for eating, but in many different ways. It felt good. And on that note, I bagged 27 pairs of jeans and dress slacks, mostly size 10-14. I tried on each pair and ran to the bathroom in awe to look at myself in the full length mirror. I couldn't believe where I was and where I am today. In just one year. I giggled like a little girl and ran out to try on the next pair. It was a fun afternoon!

I bagged up all the clothes, found 6 coats I no longer wear and loaded it all in my vehicle. And in the warm afternoon sun, I drove down to the local church and donated all these wonderful clothes. Somebody will be happy with all my Lucky and Levi jeans, and the Hilfiger and Nautica slacks.

Spring cleanings can be so good. Not just for the mind but also for the heart...


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