Feb 8, 2011

The battle between the Leaf and the Speed Dial

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My intention was there to do a longish run. You know, like over an hour's worth of running. I set the time on the treadmill to 90 minutes.

Settled in at a slow pace. I needed to conserve some energy for maybe 8 miles or more. Stared at the Leaf. Tried to find some topics to think about. Nothing. Or nothing that I wanted to think about for the time being. I just wanted to beat my time. I wanted to do my best, I wanted some speed and sweat. Yep, I needed to sweat some anger and frustration out. Just what I know the doctor would order.

My chest had been feeling heavy. I wondered if that was a result of doing the 5k Sunday in the cold temps. My body kind of ached in weird places because I added resistance training yesterday to my nutty line up. The nurturing side of me said take it easy. The fighter in me KO'd that thought.

I didn't like the 11:00 min mile. At all. Before I knew it, I was calculating how I could make up that very slow 5 minute start.

The leaf, the point of all my running attention, the point of my mediative state, lost to the treadmill control panel. The speed dial won. And I finally did my sub 30 5k. Not by much, but I did it just the same. And it felt great. Troubles and worries were just mere dust.

Eeked it out to 4 miles and I was happy. Getting faster. Mentally toughening up. You can teach an old dog new tricks after all!


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