Jan 9, 2011


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You know, going through my blog posts, when I talk about any one of my workouts, it's usually somewhat positive.

Well, not tonight. Blah! Blech! Pitooey!

Simple 5K was all I could do tonight. Slowly. Shins burned tonight. Really not sure why which makes it maddening to me trying to figure out what not to do next time.

No energy, no motivation. Plus there was a gym rat who insisted on slamming the weights down after each of his sets. Once he made his loud "I'm here, look at my muscles" announcement, he would take his hulking body to the water fountain, take a slurp, and grunt back to the weight machine and repeat. Well, the gym is small, very small, so he was about a foot in front of the treadmill every time he did this. All I could think of is that he resembled a caged animal. Back and fourth in front of the treadmill for 30 minutes and it was really distracting for me. He was a complete zone killer.

But I am not blaming him, mind you. But I realize how important it is for me to visually zone out. I stare at this particular part of the wallpaper for my entire workout, hardly ever looking down at the treadmill stats. For the longest time, I thought my music was the most important, but that may not be the case.

The silver lining? His behavior almost made me stop thinking of my burning shins... And perhaps I can use his behavior to build up my mental toughness.



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