Sep 13, 2010

It's been a while and sugar cubes

Posted by Jan on Monday, September 13, 2010 with 1 comment
Almost a whole month since I last posted. Wow! That's about the time my work office moved to the new location. The same time I started having to get up at 3:30 AM. Ugh. Yeah, it's taken a while to get in the groove.

But the reason I am posting has nothing to do with work or exercise, but all about life and its sweetness.

Yesterday I decided to go shopping. And splurge on me. I have kept the weight off for quite a few months and in fact, I started losing again without trying. I am assuming this is due to the change in schedule and the stress. And even though it has been stressful, I still haven't had one single cigarette since June. That in itself is a testament to just how strong, committed and downright stubborn I am! And that's with nothing. No patches, no fake cigarettes, etc. Just an occasional piece of gum when I really feel a strong emotional urge for a cigarette. I can get thru the physical urges just fine.

I went to one of the larger malls to see if I could find some more jeans. I have bought so many pairs of new jeans in the last 5 months. But I am now down to a size 6/8 and the 10/12's just drop from my hips. What a great feeling!

On a whim, I decided to get my hair done too. On a busy Sunday afternoon, I felt lucky considering I was a walk-in.

Dillan, the stylist, made me feel like a queen immediately. He listened to the woes of not having my hair cut in 5 months and that I went thru a period of time were my hair was coming out in what seemed like clumps to me. He quickly assured me that stress could be the cause of that, but my hair was starting to grow back in and it looked healthy. I loved him already!

I found out that Dillan was in his mid 30's and living with his mother in Lowell. Great! We had something in common. He shared his story with how he was originally from Laos, in refugee camps in Thailand and eventually made his way to the US in 1986. He shared the feeling of what it was like to have two shoes that matched for the first time here in the US. How we have so much food here. How it was so worth the pain and suffering he and his family endured in the camps just so he could experience the American way.

In the end, we both gave each other goosebumps by stating at the same time that "every human being deserves peace and happiness".  It was a profound moment and one that I won't forget. He is a gentle old soul, who has seen so much already, but is still determined to drink from the cup of happiness.

And to that, he made me realize that my troubles are nothing as compared to what he has experienced. I should let stuff go and let my self live. In happiness. Without guilt or remorse.

Thank you, Dillan. Thank you for that sweet cube of sugar. I look forward to seeing and learning from you again.